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The View on The Hudson

One of the things most brides will plan for at the wedding are party favors. It’s easy to overspend in this area, though, especially if you have a lot of guests. However, it is possible to find nice party favors that work with your budget. Here are 6 tips for amazing wedding favors on a budget.


Think of several different ideas you would consider having for wedding favors and write them down. If you can’t think of types of favors you’re happy with, this post from Shutterfly shares 100 unique wedding favor ideas you can use for inspiration.


After you’ve considered the type of wedding favors you like, you can start comparing prices. Look at the cost of the different types of favors you’re deciding between. Keep in mind what will be practical for your guests too.

Once you choose the type of favor you will use, you’ll also want to price-check the item against different stores that sell the materials needed for the favors. Consider which is the best deal, but remember that you don’t want to sacrifice quality either.

You will want to calculate not just the price of the favor itself, but also the cost of any other materials you would need to purchase with it.

For example, if you’re using mesh bags to put mints in, you would want to calculate the cost of the bags, the mints, and any ribbon or other decor you would add to it. Some places sell favors that are already put together, and in some instances this may save you money buying them this way.


Many brides-to-be have opted for DIY ideas when it comes to making favors. These days there are online tutorials and videos for just about everything. It’s possible to put together favors that look fancy, but aren’t too costly or complicated to make.


Depending on what you choose for favors, you can often incorporate your wedding colors in or on them.

For instance, if you wanted to use some sort of candy as favors, you may be able to purchase or special order it to match one or more of your wedding colors. (This also depends on the specific type of candy you’d want.) You can also do this with other types of favors that come in a variety of colors, such as candles.

Even if you can’t match your favors themselves with your wedding colors, you could accent them with ribbon or other simple decor that matches your color scheme. This is a simple way to make them look nice, but generally won’t cost you too much more.


You may be able to catch sales or use coupons to save money on your favors. It’s possible some places offer a discount for ordering certain items in bulk. Additionally, you can sometimes get free shipping on items you order online when you spend a certain amount, so be alert to these opportunities.


If you are going to give guests little bags or boxes of something, such as candy or chocolates, don’t order too much. Wedding favors generally don’t include too much in each favor, so don’t overdo it.

Also, if you are putting the favors together yourself, you can estimate how much you need total by doing 1 favor first, and either counting or weighing the amount of candy you put in it. Then multiply this by the number of guests/favors you need before purchasing the rest.

So those are 6 tips for amazing wedding favors on a budget. By comparing prices and considering different options, you can choose classy favors that your guests will enjoy, without spending too much. For more wedding favor tips, be sure to check out part 2 of this series: 5 Tips for Stress-free Wedding Favors.

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